Poppy’s Winter Present

Once upon a time there lived a girl called ‘Poppy’. It was Christmas eve, she was going with her friends Mary-anne, Emma and Lucy to the Christmas party. She saw Santa, she got a present and as well as that, all her friends got a present. Then they went home so her friends could be dropped off.

Poppy went to bed and woke up in the morning. She went downstairs to open her presents, but there was a huge present, she opened it and it had her most wanted thing. It was a snow plough, so she could drive around moving snow everywhere.

Poppy and her friends lived happily ever after.

Poppy goes to the park

Poppy packs a picnic to take to the park, to share with her friends. Her friends are called Mary-Anne, Lola, Sophia, Rebecca and Sophie.

They then set off to walk to the park. When they got to the park they started to eat their food at the picnic. Then when they had finished they went to play in the park.

They played on all the things at the park.

The End.

Poppy goes on holiday

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl called Poppy and she ran down the front street. Then she went on holiday to Egypt, and she was staying there for ever and ever.

She took her pets called Rosie, Selina, Annie, Isabelle, Tinkerbell and Robbie with her. Poppy went to the doctors to have an injection.

The End.

Poppy with her three pets

Once upon a time there was a little girl in the woods looking for her mummy’s pets and she really needed to find the pets. They were called Isabelle, Annie and Tinkerbell. Poppy was in the woods trying to find the pets and she found one, it was Tinkerbell.

Poppy then went out of the woods to give Tinkerbell to her mummy.

Next, she went to the beach and she found Annie, who was playing catch with another dog. Now she went out of the beach and she found her house was right next to it, Poppy then gave Annie to her mummy.

Poppy found the last pet Isabelle at the lake, and they all went on holiday and lived happily ever after.

The End.

The Snow Storm

Once upon a time there lived a dog and a cat and a rabbit. Their names were millie, lilly and tilly.

They were outside when a snow storm came their way, very near they saw a bear.

Then they made a sign out of twigs and wood saying HELP.

A super hero came and rescued them.

The End.